Strategic estates developments

Specialist advice on estate management strategies

The development of clear strategic estates development strategies are important for our public sector clients. With the Health White Paper, PCTs are scheduled to disappear by April 2013, and by April 2011 TCS will have been completed. PCTs now need to focus on their estates which will now transfer as apart of the future reorganisation. Not withstanding that the recipient/ purchaser maybe unclear, PCTs’ estate must be organised and put in order with a view to its future transfer.

We have been advising numerous health sector bodies on Transforming Community Services : Enabling New Patterns of Provision, including the opportunities and challenges raised by the Strategic Estates Development models (known variously as SEDs or Propco/Opco). We have also advised on the implications of other innovative mechanisms including local asset-based vehicles (LABVs) and the scope to pursue solutions based on new or existing LIFT structures.

Key services and issues

  • LIFT schemes
  • Local asset-based vehicles
  • SEDs, Propco and Opco development models
  • Transforming Community Services implications


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