Are you licensed for your COVID Vacs sites?

Finding appropriate venues to give the COVID-19 vaccinations has resulted in some creative thinking as to places where this can be done.

In the rush it is easy to forget that there may be an aftermath which results in additional unexpected expenses. Whatever the time pressure, if you are using someone else’s premises you should check that the person giving permission is allowed to permit you to use the premises. First, do they actually own them or have a lease of them? Secondly, if it is a lease, is the landlord’s consent required?

Having established that, you should ensure that you have in place a licence or lease to occupy the premises. Ensure that you have flexibility to be able to end earlier or keep them longer, so as not to pay more occupational fees than you have to. As well as having the appropriate third party liability insurance in place, check what your liability is for the premises. What happens if they get damaged while you are in occupation? Don’t be caught by ‘standard’ terms which require you to put the premises into full repair, and redecorated, when you leave.

Having written terms in place which are fair and reasonable are essential to ensure that you are not liable for unnecessary costs after a heroic vaccination programme.