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Fraud investigations – how we can help

If you or your business are investigated for allegations of fraud, you could face a lengthy, difficult investigation, with potentially disastrous consequences. Hempsons’ criminal defence solicitors have years of experience of assisting clients facing allegations of fraud and can help with a wide range of investigations. Whether you have been accused of business crime or fraud on an individual basis, contact our fraud defence solicitors today to receive the advice, support and guidance you need.

Hempsons can assist with allegations including:

  • Serious fraud
  • Bribery & corruption
  • NHS fraud
  • Cheating the public revenue
  • Biodiesel fraud
  • Money laundering
  • Financial Conduct Authority investigations

Hempsons’ team of fraud defence lawyers can assist you from the outset of an investigation, at Police/Counter-fraud Authority interviews, through the first Magistrates’ Court hearing and, if necessary, trial at the Crown Court and all preparatory work. We pride ourselves on having an eye for detail and a forensic approach to analysing the evidence, which is essential in any fraud investigation, and will leave no stone unturned in ensuring you receive a comprehensive, robust defence to protect you and, where relevant, your business. In addition, we have longstanding relationships with some of the UK’s best barristers, and working collaboratively with them, we will go the extra mile to ensure you are properly guided through what is invariably a distressing experience.

We have particular expertise in representing healthcare professionals facing investigations by the NHS Counter Fraud Authority, with all but one of the investigations we have assisted with being closed with no further action.

If you are contacted regarding a fraud investigation, it is vital that you receive expert advice at the earliest possible time. Contact Hempsons’ team of fraud defence solicitors today to receive the help you need.

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    “[Adam is]praised for his “all-round ability.”
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    “[Adam is] a real thinker... If you have a problem case, he can find a way to tackle it.”
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    “He’s unflappable, calm and level-headed. He’s good at managing the stress of the client.”
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    “I would describe him as being great in a case analysis – he has a very intellectual, careful and cautious approach, and he is great at determining strategy.”
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    “Very astute, switched-on and practical.”
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    “Anne Ball is vastly experience with very good tactical sense. She's a good strategic thinker about claims. ”
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    “Massively experienced and has great tactical awareness.”
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    “Anne Ball is very sharp on detail.”
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    “Massively experienced with great tactical awareness.”
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    ““[Simon is] a vigorous and effective advocate” who is “very able and thorough.” “He continues to be highly regarded for his representation of healthcare practitioners."”
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    “[Simon has] robust advice combined with tactical awareness and a good client manner. He is well regarded in the marketplace for his representation of medical professionals facing disciplinary proceedings.
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    “He’s very experienced and knows the regulation of medical professionals inside out. He’s very thorough and very knowledgeable.”
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    “Simon Eastwood is a standout lawyer who is well known for defending healthcare professionals before the GDC and GMC. Sources say: “He is hugely experienced. What he doesn’t know about regulatory work isn’t worth knowing.”
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    “Friendly, unpretentious and prepared to work hard to achieve results.”
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    “[He is] ‘a very astute and thoughtful tactician’ with sources commending his ability to ‘identify the real issues and consequences of problems and devise the appropriate strategy.”
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    “[Stephen is]…very bright, very clever and works incredibly well with clients, counsel and legal experts”
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    “Huge commitment and passion for the job without being unrealistic about what can be achieved... [He is] entirely straightforward, and he fights very hard for his client. He’s the ideal solicitor.”
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    “Has unmatched client care and attention to detail.”
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    “Surjit is a cool, calm strategist who inspires confidence in his clients and fear in his opponents.”