NHS legal services procurement frameworks

Hempsons has a place on all of the major NHS legal services procurement frameworks/panels. These frameworks are beneficial to our clients as they offer competitive rates and free added value/training. Details of these frameworks are below:

NHS Shared Business Services (SBS)

This framework covers: Governance, Structure, Transformation & Public Law; Healthcare & Mental Health; Employment; Procurement, Commercial & Contract; Property & Construction; Technology & E-Commerce inc IP & Media Law; Corporate Finance, Audit & Insurance; Criminal; Legal Recovery & Collection; Counsel; Multi-Disciplinary Support.

Legal Services for Health – NHS SBS

Hempsons key contact:  Adrian Parker

NHS SBS key contact: Leah Clare (nsbs.nhsbusinessservices@nhs.net)

North of England (NOE) CPC

This framework covers: NHS governance and public law; healthcare law; mental health law; employment law; contract and commercial law; property law; and corporate finance and PFI.

Contracts & Frameworks | NOE CPC

Hempsons key contact: Andrew Daly

NOE CPC contact: Michelle Walker

NHS Commercial Solutions

This framework covers: Core Categories: Corporate and Commercial Law; Employment Law; and Property Law. Non–Core Categories: Health Law; Primary Care Law; Mental Health Law; Law relating to Healthcare Projects; and NHS Governance and Public Law.

Legal Services | NHS Commercial Solutions

Hempsons key contact: Clementine Robertshaw

NHS Commercial Solutions contact: NHSCS.corporateservices@nhs.net

HealthTrust Europe (HTE)

This framework covers: Mandatory Specialisms: Corporate; Healthcare, including Mental Health; Commercial; Employment; Real estate and Property; Cyber, Data protection and Information law; Finance; and Environment, Social and Governance. Optional Specialisms: Procurement; IP, IT, Telecoms, Media and E-commerce; Mergers & acquisitions; Litigation, dispute resolution, arbitration and investigations; Public Sector law; PFI/PPP; Social care; Child law; and Charities.

Professional Services – Healthtrust Europe

Hempsons key contact: Andrew Davidson

HTE contacts: Ryan Noble, Samuel Hitchcock, Demelza Leadbetter

Crown Commercial Service – RM6240 public sector legal services framework – Lot 2a: General Service Provision – England and Wales

This framework covers: employment; pensions; education law; health and safety; licencing law; immigration; property and construction; litigation/dispute resolution; and social housing.

Public Sector Legal Services – CCS (crowncommercial.gov.uk)

Hempsons key contact: Adrian Parker

CCS contact: info@crowncommercial.gov.uk

NHS Resolution – Lot 1 and Lot 2

Lot 1 provides support to NHS Resolution to manage claims under clinical and non-clinical indemnity schemes for NHS members and beneficiaries across hospital Trusts, GP practices, independent sector providers and in support of healthcare arrangements put in place to respond to coronavirus.

Hempsons key contact: Anne Ball

Lot 2 provides specialist legal advice to NHS Resolution and other arm’s length bodies of the Department of Health and Social care, covering a complex portfolio of health-related issues.

Hempsons key contact: Adrian Parker