Charities and trading

Expert advice on charitable and non-charitable trading issues

We advise clients on charitable and non-charitable trading issues, including the use of tax exemptions and concessions. We regularly establish wholly-owned subsidiary companies and advise on the inter-relationship between the trading company and the charity.

We have recently established a number of trading companies for clients looking to maximise the potential for income generation from the use of trading companies, whilst also isolating the charity from risk should the project not succeed.

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CFG Trading & the Law

CFG Trading & the Law This course will cover the main legal considerations affecting charities carrying out trading – particularly governance, funding, resource sharing and VAT. It will examine the different types of trading, identify pitfalls to avoid and make recommendations of best practice. The session will look at the VAT considerations when setting up and running a trading entity, with a focus on the application of income and corporation tax on trading profits, and how this will impact on the organisational structures set up.

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