Environmental commitment

Hempsons environmental statement

We are committed to meeting our compliance, legal and regulatory obligations to protect the environment directly through our own initiatives and services and indirectly using our influence to affect the practices of others.

In particular:

  • for the emissions we control directly, we are committed to reach net zero by 2040, with an ambition to reach an 80% reduction by 2028 to 2032; and
  • for the emissions we can influence, we are committed to reach net zero emissions by 2045, with an ambition to reach an 80% reduction by 2036 to 2039.

We publish our carbon reduction plan to demonstrate our commitment to achieving net zero carbon emissions in line with the Climate Change Act 2008.

We are committed to continual improvement and forward thinking as part of applying our vision and values to our environmental performance.

Hempsons environmental management system

Hempsons is committed to continually improving its environmental impact and performance by seeking to manage environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability.

Our environmental management system, which is accredited against the internationally recognised ISO 14001:2015 environmental management standard,  helps us to enhance our environmental performance.

Through the setting of appropriate objectives and targets, periodic monitoring and measurement activities, the environmental management system will assist Hempsons in reducing its negative environmental impact and promote positive impacts.

Hempsons has established intended outcomes of the environmental management system. We aim to focus our efforts on addressing the areas which we directly control (including reference to the global standardised frameworks to measure and manage greenhouse gas established by the greenhouse gas protocol scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions) and which have the most impact both positive (re-use and recycling) and negative (business travel) and can successfully drive the most improvement.

Our intended outcomes of operating an effective environmental management system are to:

  • maintain the international accreditation ISO14001:2015 (environmental management system);
  • meet our set environmental objectives;
  • minimise waste we control directly by evaluating operations across all five offices and ensuring resource consumption is managed effectively and responsibly;
  • minimise toxic emissions we control directly through the selection and use of our power requirement e.g. efficiency of energy use in our buildings;
  • actively promote recycling or re-use both internally and externally where reasonably practicable;
  • source and promote activities to minimise the environmental impact of the firm for aspects which we directly control;
  • measure our impact on the environment and set targets for ongoing improvement on aspects which we directly control;
  • implement a training programme to raise awareness of environmental issues and enlist champions internally to improve our performance;
  • enhance environmental performance and identify opportunities for continual improvement; and
  • fulfil legal / regulatory compliance obligations.

The environmental management system permeates through all aspects of our activities and is intrinsically linked to Hempsons mission statement and visions and values.

Read our carbon reduction plan.

Working with our clients

Hempsons has participated in the NHS Evergreen Sustainable Supplier Assessment pilot scheme.  This was an opportunity to engage with the NHS on the requirements of the NHS net zero supplier roadmap which aligns with Hempsons net zero commitment and journey.  See Greener NHS » Suppliers (england.nhs.uk) for further information.