Wills and tax planning

How we can help you with wills and tax planning

Wills and tax planning are inextricably linked. We appreciate the need to understand your personal circumstances and objectives in order to guide you through the sensitive process of making a new will. We can ensure that your personal affairs are arranged in the most appropriate and tax efficient manner. A well drafted will is essential to ensure your wishes are put into effect. Wills should be reviewed regularly, not only to reflect changes in personal and financial circumstances, but also in respect of any changes in the law on which we are happy to advise.

An increasing number of our clients own properties overseas.  We can advise you on the appropriate steps to be taken in such cases and ensure that advice is given in relation to domicile and succession issues.

Key services and issues

  • Inheritance tax planning
  • International aspects
  • Will drafting

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Seven good reasons to make a will

Half of the adult population dies intestate.  Yet a will is one of the most important documents you will ever write. This is particularly relevant to private practitioners who need to carefully consider the impact of their financial affairs throughout their professional lives and into retirement, keeping their will under periodic review. Here are seven good reasons why you should make one.

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