Public procurement

Specialist advice on all aspects of public procurement law

We advise on all aspects of public procurement law, from the initial advertisement of a contract opportunity through the invitation to tender and the evaluation of bid returns to post-award contract negotiations and advice on the renewal and extension of service contracts upon expiry in accordance with the EU procurement regime.

We are involved in the project management of tendering processes for our clients. We advise on the timetabling of each significant element of the process and arrange support for teams including training on evaluation methodologies.

Key Services

We advise both contracting authorities and suppliers at all stages of a process: market engagement; during a process; and, post award. We also provide training on matters such as evaluation and risk.

The main issues we are currently advising contracting authorities on:

  • The implications of the Light Touch Regime, in particular within the context of accountable care systems
  • Establishing wholly owned NHS subsidiary companies
  • Projects to implement the recommendations of the Carter Review
  • Running processes to select strategic estates partners, via the competitive dialogue procedure
  • The implications of the Global Digital Exemplar scheme, as well as the position for “fast followers”
  • Designing and structuring processes, drafting procurement documentation and advising throughout on a complex competitive dialogue process
  • Defending procurement law challenges
  • Advising on the extent to which existing contracts can be varied.

The main issues we are currently advising suppliers on:

  • How best to maximise the chances of being successful, in particular under the Light Touch Regime
  • Challenging a tender process
  • Working with providers bidding to deliver strategic estates partnerships.

Glossary of terms:

Click here to view our glossary of procurement terms for bidders and suppliers.


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