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Update – Tax changes to termination payments

Back in the 2016 Budget, the government announced that from April 2018, it would “reform and simplify” the taxation of termination payments. Following a technical consultation, the reforms expanded and now aim to "clarify and tighten" (i.e. increase) the taxation of such payments.

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Property related delays: Prevention the best cure?

In the past year, Hempsons have acted for a wide range of dental clients on a variety of different transactions. We have acted for sole practitioners retiring and selling their practice, dental corporates buying shares in other dental companies and practitioners starting out on their first venture alone.

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New NHS dental contract – what to expect

There have been rumours for the last few years about how the NHS dental contract is going to be revolutionised, with varying degrees of suggested change. Action has however now been taken to put some of these theories into action to test potential new forms of the NHS dental contract.

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Public procurement law post-Brexit

The Government has published the draft “Public Procurement (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019”. The draft Regulations mainly deal with housekeeping issues post-Brexit in that they either remove or replace with domestic equivalents, references to the European Union, the Commission and EU Directives in current legislation. The draft Regulations also deal with the administration of any further amendments to procurement legislation.

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Terms and Conditions Apply – The Rolling Contract

Alchemists sought to turn base metal into gold, but their searches and efforts proved fruitless.  Physicists have studied the cosmos and determined that there can be no perpetual motion due to the laws of thermodynamics. Lawyers, however, have worked out how to turn base letters into gold, through the perpetual (or at least rolling) contract.

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Good news all round

It’s been a great week here at Hempsons and we’re delighted to announce a number of exciting developments. On Tuesday of this week The Times launched their Top 200 Law Firms report, describing Hempsons as “the country’s biggest specialist health and social care legal practice.” And following on from that news, yesterday the Chambers Guide to the Legal Profession confirmed the latest Legal 500 rankings (reported on Wednesday this week), placing Hempsons firmly at the top of the rankings for healthcare law and defendant clinical negligence.

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