Performers List issues

Specialist advice on Performers List issues

GPs working within the NHS are required to have their name on NHS England’s Medical Performers List. We are highly experienced at providing advice on the performer list issues that can arise from joining the List and understand the application issues.

We routinely advise on:

  • Unsuccessful applications to join the Performers List and the procedures and remedies should an application fail
  • The preparation of an application and the general complexity of the application process
  • The threat of a referral to NCAS
  • Advice concerning an adverse report, the potential suspension or permanent removal of a GP’s name from the List.  If such a decision is taken, it will inevitably lead to a hearing to investigate the matter, with a potential appeal to the Family Health Services Appeal Unit to follow

We are experienced in advising GPs in all of the above scenarios and are able to offer advice on all potential issues relating to NHS England you may encounter in your career

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