Our mission, vision and values

Our mission

Our mission statement is our top level statement of why we exist as a firm.

Our mission is to:

Provide outstanding legal services that deliver the best possible client outcomes.

Our vision

Our vision statement is a more internally-facing “what we want to be” statement. Our vision is:

  • To be our clients’ trusted advisors
  • To be a great place to work
  • To be a profitable firm
  • To have an outstanding reputation in the legal and other professions

Some examples of what this means in reality

  • Trusted advisors: we are more than just lawyers – our clients come to us because we are people they can talk to about what matters to them; we are ethical; we focus on our chosen markets to achieve excellent brand awareness; we are outward-looking.
  • A great place to work: we reward our people competitively; we inspire, lead and manage our people so they value and enjoy their work; we are committed to their continuing professional development and continuous improvement of our systems and our technology.
  • A profitable firm: we make a fair profit that secures the sustainability and viability of the firm; we meet our business objectives; we are here for the long term.
  • Outstanding reputation: we recruit high calibre people; clients and other professionals recommend and champion us; legal directories and other market influencers praise us. 

Our values

Our values illustrate what our clients can expect from us, and what we can expect from ourselves:

  • Expert
  • Insightful
  • Commercial
  • Trustworthy
  • We care.

Some examples of what this means in reality

  • Expert: we know the law; we have great know-how; we know our clients’ businesses; we are innovative in the solutions we find for them.
  • Insightful: we understand our clients, and developments in their markets; we are confident in our own value and the value of the advice we give.
  • Commercial: we provide positive solutions for clients (“Yes you can!”); we work profitably; we understand our clients’ finances; we provide realistic cost estimates.
  • Trustworthy: we provide robust advice; our systems protect confidential data; we are not only honest and accountable but also understand our clients’ aims, objectives and goals; compliance is established in our culture.
  • We care: we are passionate about our clients’ success and will strive for it; we are tenacious in protecting our clients’ interests; we look after our colleagues; we treat people fairly; we care about the quality of our work; we care about the environment.

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