Green leases

How we can help with green leases

Whether you have premises that are brand new or older, there are clauses to use in new leases and renewal leases to help you operate your premises in a sustainable way including keeping carbon emissions to a minimum. With existing leases, you might require a flexible document which sits alongside the lease and incorporates requirements encouraging sustainability.

A key issue is to maintain a proper balance depending on your resources. On the one hand there is the cost of implementing reduction strategies for energy usage and carbon emissions. On the other hand, in the longer term savings for energy and other costs can be used to improve efficiency and safety.

The other main difficulty is if you face inertia from other parties, notably a landlord if you are tenant or vice versa or from employees amongst other public sector bodies and also within the private sector.

We can help landlords, tenants, other occupiers and property managers to address their needs.

Key services and issues

  • The age of a building
  • The number of occupiers
  • Cashflow and budgeting needs
  • Potential disruption to your service

Our work

We advise on best practice recommendations including those of the Better Buildings Partnership and draft clauses to include in leases including those relating to:

  • Data sharing and metering
  • Restrictions on proposed alterations which adversely impact on energy efficiency
  • Mechanisms to achieve co-operation between owners and occupiers to reduce utility costs and promote recycling

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