GP and dentist partnership deeds

Highly experienced in all aspects of a GP partnership agreement and deeds

A GP partnership agreement without a deed is the most unstable business arrangement that exists. Known as a ‘partnership at will’ it is governed by the Partnership Act 1890, which provides perilously little security for the sophisticated partnership trading in the 21st century. Most worrying, is the fact that a partnership may be dissolved instantly by the simple service of a notice. If you practice under the NHS, this will carry the additional threat of the termination of your contract with NHS England.

Every medical practice needs legally binding partnership deeds

Dissolution requires the winding up of your business, including the disposal of all your assets (including your surgery premises) and the redundancy of all your staff.

However, this risk can be avoided very simply by ensuring you maintain, an up to date partnership deed. This has the effect of overriding the default rules set by the 1890 Act. Carefully drafted, it can avoid an unplanned dissolution, or the threat of your GP partnership being held to ransom by a disaffected partner. It will also establish the operational ground rules for the functioning of your business, and will aid you in dealing with a dysfunctional partner.

An out of date deed is as dangerous as having no deed at all! But this can be easily remedied, and we aim to make the procedure for creating a new deed as straightforward and cost effective for you as possible.

This can be achieved in 3 easy stages:

  1. We will send you an instruction sheet, setting out the process and identifying the information we require from you, in order to take this forward.
  2. Following receipt of the information required, we can open a file for you and send you a partnership questionnaire. This is a detailed document in which we ask you to supply us with as much information as possible about your GP practice; to enable us to produce a tailor made deed for you.
  3. After receiving your replies to the questionnaire we will draft a new deed for you, which will be delivered with a detailed covering report.

Your GP partnership deed will be designed to fit the requirements of your practice. Unlike other service providers, it will not be churned out in a proforma fashion, with notes attached to a basic precedent, or surplus paragraph numbers artificially retained for the convenience of the drafter, rather than you!

You need not be concerned that the costs of our personalised procedure will make this an expensive process, as you will retain control throughout. We will provide you with an estimate of the cost of producing the first draft of your deed; thereafter we do not place a limit on the amount of our time it requires to complete the deed – to your satisfaction. In some cases, this amounts to very little, but in other cases, partners or practice managers value the opportunity to discuss issues which are of particular concern to them. Our charging structure is designed to accommodate client needs.

We look forward to hearing from you. If in the meantime, you have any further queries or would welcome the opportunity to discuss any aspect of your practice, please call us and speak to a member of our Practitioner Team.

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