Sustainability and planning

The government’s ambitious green targets will require massive changes to the rules on sustainability and planning that will affect everyone.  Sustainability looks at the life cycle of a building and its affect on the environment, from the planning and siting stage, to decommissioning.

In terms of planning, many actual and proposed new regulations and requirements will mean further scrutiny of planning policies from the specifics of the design and what materials will be used, to where a building is located for example right next to a non-residential property and what effect this will have on the environment for example increased traffic.  These additional requirements will affect both the public and private sector.

Our technical and regulatory expertise, together with our knowledge of the healthcare sector places us in an ideal position to advise both public and private clients on these developing areas of environmental law.

Key services and issues

  • Considering other local planning projects and the effect these will have
  • Inappropriate planning applications, and opposition or alterations
  • Planning in relation to extensions, refurbishments and new builds
  • Planning policies
  • Reviewing locations
  • The short and long term use of a planned build
  • The implications of the latest regulations

Our work

We regularly advise organisations in all sectors on the implications of sustainability generally on planning matters and specifically in relation to the key issues listed above.