Waste contracting

Waste contracting and the outsourcing of environmental functions

All organisations produce environmental impacts from their operations, including producing waste. The minimisation of waste and the reuse and recycling of materials is key in reducing these negative effects. We have substantial experience of negotiating waste contracting and the management of the outsourcing of related functions, advising clients around the various issues that can arise from such activities, including dealing with disputes.

Key members of our team have formerly worked for regulators and in industry. We are able to bring a wider view to such issues and to provide practical and pragmatic legal advice.

Key services and issues

  • Negotiation of waste management contracts including transport and disposal
  • Legal aspects of implementation of internal and external recycling schemes
  • Outsourcing of environmental functions
  • Disputes relating to the provision of environmental services

Our work

  • We recently advised a client about double-charging of landfill tax and helped them renegotiate their waste management contract, enabling them to make substantial savings.
  • We advised an NHS Trust on a major dispute with its waste contractors and the resulting issues arising from the contractors’ failure to properly dispose of clinical waste.
  • We have advised on internal and external recycling schemes for clients and provided them with guidelines and suites of simple documents for use in recycling transactions to help minimise risk in respect of regulatory and liability matters.

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