The Climate Change Act 2008 sets in place a legally binding framework allowing the government to introduce measures which will achieve carbon reduction and mitigate and adapt to climate change. As the largest public sector emitter of carbon emissions, the NHS is responsible for over a third of all public sector emissions and the health system has a duty to respond to meet these targets. In addition, around 230 councils have declared a climate emergency and are taking action to reduce their own carbon emissions and working with partners and local communities to tackle the impact of climate change on their areas.

Hempsons can provide legal advice and guidance in respect of your sustainable / renewable energy projects.

We advise on:

  • state aid and grants
  • contracts and commercial arrangements
  • local government and NHS powers
  • land and real estate issues
  • procurement

Our recent experience features:

  • State aid advice in respect of funding Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure
  • Statutory powers and procurement options in respect of a local authority landfill gas management project
  • The contractual and procurement issues for the North East’s “Plugged in Places” electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  • Carbon Energy Fund projects for NHS bodies
  • An energy management project for a foundation trust
  • State aid advice to an NHS Foundation Trust in receipt of a grant to carry out a feasibility study for a solar car park and Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure on a hospital site

We provide advice which is discrete (for example, in respect of state aid or contract documents) or as part of a wider energy project.