Green technologies and consultancy arrangements

The way ahead for sustainability is through the development and adoption of green technology, processes and methodologies. As the creator or supplier of such goods or services, you need to ensure that your green invention, technique or advice is properly protected and that you are able to derive maximum benefit from it. As a purchaser you need to put in place some contractual reassurances that the green technology or advice will achieve its stated aims, and literally will not cost the earth.

Key services and issues

  • Engaging environmental consultants
  • All legal aspects of the development of and exploitation of new technologies, including intellectual property protection
  • Buying in green technologies and contracting to ensure efficiency and environmental savings and improvements

Our work

We regularly advise organisations in all sectors in relation to the key issues listed above.

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Health start-ups: Generating revenue from intellectual property

Doctors in private practice and private healthcare operators are often innovators, developing software, equipment and treatments, and building a ‘brand.’ Using these more widely, both in British healthcare and further afield, could bring benefits to patients - and private practitioners are often keen to help this happen. However, they need to consider what happens to their intellectual property in their innovations. IP is a valuable asset – as is being increasingly realised by the NHS – and needs protecting.

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