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July 2021

The Fundamental Standards – Staffing

June 2021

The Fundamental Standards – Safeguarding

May 2021

The Fundamental Standards, Regulation 12: Safe Care & Treatment – Are you compliant?

March 2021

Fundamental Standards of care: Enhance the lives of the people you support and impress CQC too?

The Fundamental Standards are your bible – get a copy, read them and use them!

February 2021

CQC Key lines of enquiry

January 2021

Who regulates the regulator – part two

December 2020

CQC Notifications and how to challenge a fixed penalty notice

Visiting arrangements in Care Homes  – New Guidance 2 December 2020

November 2020

Are you ready for your CQC IPC Inspection?

October 2020

Covid-19, the employer and the self-isolating member of staff

August 2020

How to get the most out of CQC inspections

July 2020

Are probationary periods working for you?

June 2020

What to consider when purchasing a care home: the legal aspects

May 2020

Consumer law update: are your residents’ contracts compliant?

April 2020

How do you know when a safeguarding matters is a ‘serious incident’ for the purposes of the charity commission?

March 2020

What exactly is the Court of Protection?

February 2020

Client Spotlight: Wilf Ward Family Trust

January 2020

CQC – who regulates the regulator?

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