How to get the most out of CQC inspections

CQC have helpfully published the document “How to get the most out of inspections”, click here to view the document.

It is an easy read and shows exactly how an inspection should operate from beginning to end.

It is important everyone understands the service to be inspected – that includes the inspector considering pre-inspection information and those working within the service understanding the role of the CQC and what the inspection process is all about. Providing all staff, but particularly team leaders and those in management with training on the CQC and Regulated Activities Regulations is a great way of enabling compliance and Hempsons can provide training to do that.

Communication is key and staff shouldn’t be fearful of the inspector or process. An inspection is a time to showcase the service and the good work you do. Don’t be afraid to volunteer information – don’t just wait to be asked questions

Make sure those who you support know and understand about the inspection too, so far as they can. The inspection is all about them, so they should be encouraged and supported to participate.

Make sure you get feedback at the end. It’s an important part of the process. Take notes, ask questions and agree a timetable for any additional information that might be required on both sides.

Hopefully the vast majority of inspections will follow the process but if Providers find themselves in a situation different to that described here, do report that back through the CQC complaints process and via the Factual Accuracy Challenge.

If an inspector hasn’t been as clear and open as this guide suggests – get in touch to discuss how Hempsons can support you to challenge CQC actions.