Coronavirus update – book on our webinars

In light of the most recent developments and communications from Public Health England, we are not hosting any events in our offices during June 2020.

We are naturally monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and we will update this message and inform delegates booked on to events planned for June onwards, should this be required. We are running regular webinars, and you can book on these below.

Follow the links below to access webinars that have already taken place:

1 May 2020: Legal issues for mental health in the pandemic

24 April 2020: COVID-19 and Workforce Issues – managing furlough, sick pay and other practical issues

17 April 2020: Coronavirus and Critical Care

3 April 2020: Medical Regulation in the Shadow of COVID-19

1 April 2020: Dental Regulation in the Shadow of COVID-19

26 March 2020: Coronavirus Act 2020



Webinar: The invisible gorilla: Why do radiologists make mistakes?

The failure of radiologists to perceive abnormalities on scans is widely recognised as an unfortunate but common, and probably inevitable, feature of radiological professional practice, often with serious clinical implications, but also with a large amount of associated organisation and personal and professional stress. It is important to understand as far as possible the causes for such perceptual failures, and from a medicolegal perspective to appreciate the reasons why error in radiology is so prevalent. The talk will explore the incidence of observational error, and the environmental and psycho-cognitive reasons for such error.

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