Primary care and community services

Our dedicated primary care team is at the forefront of primary care advice, providing innovative solutions to implement government policy

We advise NHS England at a national, regional and local level, as well as Clinical Commissioning Groups insofar as they are responsible for commissioning community health services and certain out of hours primary medical services. This builds on our work prior to 1st April 2013 advising primary care trusts across the country on all aspects of commissioning primary care and community health services.

Our specialist lawyers provide a unique and practical insight into primary care dispute resolution and list management – including appeals to the First Tier Tribunal and pharmacy market entry and exit as well as the development of Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments.

As well as developing our own APMS template contracts for standard GP Services, prison health services and Out of Hours Services, we advised over 80 of the Equitable Access to Primary Medical Care APMS Contracts in 2008 . We have also been extensively involved in PMS reviews around the country and have developed a new PMS Agreement.

We advise regularly and extensively on the commissioning and management of new dental and orthodontic services, as well as dental out of hours services, from consultation and procurement through to contract award and service commencement.

Our lawyers also have extensive expertise in continuing care, having advised in the St Helens Borough Council v Manchester PCT case and being regularly consulted with in relation to ‘Establishing a Responsible Commissioner’ disputes and requests for direct payments in health.  We are currently supporting many clients in relation to the most recent CHC Close Down Review.

We have advised on a number of Personal Health Budget Pilot Schemes as well as working closely with clients on achieving workable CHC packages of care at home.

Key services and issues

  • Performers List management – NHS England Area Team level and PHL First Tier Tribunal appeals
  • Contract management – local dispute resolution and NHSLA (FHSAU) support
  • Pharmacy market entry and market exit
  • Contracting – APMS, GDS, PDS and Local Enhanced Services
  • PMS review
  • Continuing care
  • Direct payments

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