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Custodial sentence for exaggerated claim against the NHS

Linda Metcalf has received an immediate 6-month custodial sentence for her deliberate attempt to defraud the NHS and deceive the Court.  She has also been ordered to pay the Trust’s costs of the proceedings.  Sentence was passed by Mr Justice Griffiths in the Leeds District Registry on 11.02.21. 

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Claimant found guilty of criminal act cannot claim damages against negligent NHS trust

The Supreme Court has now handed down its judgment in the long and sad case of Ecila Henderson v Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust. The judgment puts to rest the issue of whether a claimant who has been found guilty of a criminal act can recover damages from the party whose original negligence gave rise to the situation where the claimant was able to commit the criminal act.

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Stephen Hooper successfully defends GP surgery

Stephen Hooper, who instructed Jim Duffy of 1 Crown Office Row, has successfully defended a GP surgery in a claim for clinical negligence, after a former patient fell pregnant and alleged that the surgery had negligently failed to prevent it.

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Advance care planning – a difficult path to tread?

Advance care planning which is patient specific will not only ensure it acts as a protector of patients’ rights and wishes, but will also be a shield for clinicians against complaint or claim and is an essential tool for providers in ensuring a comprehensive service.

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Pectus Excavatum and Surgical Intervention

Pectus Excavatum is a congenital deformity where the ribs and sternum grow abnormally forming a caved-in chest wall. In most patients, the only symptom is the cosmetic indentation of the chest although, in more severe cases, there can be respiratory problems and chest pain. Surgery involves placing titanium bars beneath the ribs and sternum to push the chest back out.

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