How will your PCN work with others?

Important deadlines are approaching for PCNs

One of the requirements of the Network Contract DES Specification for 2020/21 is for PCNs to agree how to work with local community services providers, mental health providers and community pharmacy providers. Compliance with this requirement must be evidenced by setting out in Schedule 7 of the PCN’s network agreement how the service requirements of the DES will be delivered through integrated working, including agreed communication channels and decision making. One area in which this is particularly relevant is the requirement for PCNs to form multidisciplinary teams to support delivery of the enhanced health service in the care homes.

PCNs therefore need to review Schedule 7 of their network agreement, but also consider what additional agreements need to be put in place to govern their relationships with other providers. The network agreement schedules will only be able to deal with arrangements between members of the PCN (including both core network practices and non-core members) and might not be sufficient for the detailed arrangements between different providers in a multi-disciplinary team.

Practices wishing to continue to provide the network contract DES in 2020/21 need to notify the commissioner by no later than 31 May. Details of arrangements with local community providers and arrangements for multidisciplinary teams for care home work must be in place by 30 September, so there is no time to lose. See our summary of key dates in the DES on our website here. You might also like to listen to our podcast providing an overview of the DES here.

If you would like to find out more about PCN structures and agreements and how we can assist generally, please contact our specialist team.

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