FALQ: Is there a relationship between our PCNs and our GP federation?

What are Primary Care Networks (PCNs) asking us? Welcome to the second article in our five part series exploring frequently asked legal questions typically asked by PCNs. 

Question 2 – Is there a relationship between our PCNs and our GP federation? 

There is no formal link between existing GP federations and PCNs. However, in many areas of the country, existing federations are working closely with PCNs.

In some cases, existing federation membership corresponds to the membership of a PCN or a number of PCNs and the federation is evolving its governance structures to support the PCNs.

Where the federation itself holds a primary care contract, it might be a member of a PCN in its own right.

Many federations have been appointed as subcontractors of PCNs, usually where they have NHS employing authority status and are therefore able to provide the NHS pension. However, where this employing authority status is by virtue of a time limited contract, there is a risk this might not be a long-term solution.

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