GDPR – are you compliant yet?

GDPR day – 25th May 2018 – came and went with a flurry of Privacy Notices and Policies filling our in-boxes. But did
everyone take stock of their data and their responsibilities or are there thousands of businesses out there who are yet to
up-date their systems and processes?

GDPR brings data protection into the digital age. It requires specific mandatory requirements of Data Controllers and Data Processors, including increased security responsibilities, and increased access rights to individuals.

  • Did you get a Privacy Notice drafted for your employees?
  • Did you get a Privacy Notice drafted for your customers?
  • Have you updated your Policies and Procedures?
  • Is your staff training up to date to meet the new requirements?

Notification of breach obligations are now more onerous, and fines are more eye watering. If you haven’t yet engaged with the GDPR, or have started but put into the “too difficult pile” then don’t delay and take the necessary steps to comply.

Our team of professional lawyers can assist you with every aspect of GDPR, from ensuring data processing agreements are compliant, to staff training, drafting of privacy notices and advising on managing breaches.

The ICO will allow organisations time to adapt to the new regime, but she won’t allow you forever!


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GDPR – are you ready?

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