Charity fundraising

Demonstrable expertise across a wide variety of charity fundraising schemes

We advise on a wide variety of fundraising schemes including lotteries, appeal documents, charity fundraising events, relationships with business supporters and the operation of trading companies. We advise on the relevant compliance issues for charities entering into arrangements with professional fundraisers or commercial participators.

Key services and issues

  • National lottery fund
  • Grant applications
  • Appeals
  • Joint applications
  • Business supporter relationships
  • Professional fundraisers and commercial participators

Our work

  • We have advised on fundraising options for challenge events both in the UK and overseas. In particular, we are able to advise on how these events can be structured to minimise health and safety risks for the charity and ensure that the charity does not take on the responsibilities of a travel organiser under the Package Travel Regulations.
  • We have also recently advised on a group collaboration of a number of charities which agreed to set up a new charitable entity in order to run a high profile national appeal. This involved complex fundraising issues, in addition to the charities’ management, distribution rights and cost sharing obligations.

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