PCN Incorporation – should you?

Are you frustrated that your PCN is not one legal entity able to employ staff ?

Are you worried about your liabilities for PCN activities?

Have you thought of incorporation?  Creating a company with limited liability and a strong legal governance structure to follow can help to mitigate some of the risks for PCN member practices.  What are the implications?

Our corporate health care team has three specialist primary care partners supported by a team of solicitors advising PCNs, GP practices and federations.

Hempsons’ strength over the years has been to develop an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges facing general practice, to look after the interests of practices and to provide support and guidance as the NHS changes and increases its demands on general practice.

We offer the following for PCNs:

  • Review and update of your current network agreement schedules
  • Formation of a company and bespoke articles of association
  • Sub-contracts between the PCN practices and the company or other providers
  • Service agreements and employment contracts  for clinical directors and other PCN staff
  • Deeds of variation for partnership agreements to reflect PCN and company membership requirements
  • Training and ongoing support for clinical directors and managers of PCNs

If you have any questions or would like more information about what Hempsons may be able to offer you then please contact our dedicated GP team below.

Why not join our webinar with specialist medical accountants Ramsay Brown on 7th October at 1.30pm by Microsoft Teams? Register Here

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