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What contract to use when taking on staff

Are you considering taking on staff, but unsure about the basis on which to engage them? Should you opt for a free-lancer, or offer an employment contract? This article addresses the most common questions about employment status, with particular focus on the risks and benefits of self-employment.

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Protection for whistleblowing

What has whistleblowing got to do with doctors working in private practice? Isn’t that an issue relating to doctors in employment only? The recent employment tribunal case of Shoukrey v BMI Healthcare Limited shows this is not the case, warns Paul Spencer.

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Are your dentists really self-employed?

The issue of the self-employed status of associate dentists is also very much a hot topic at the moment – in particular, with a review HMRC has been conducting in recent times and the Employment Tribunal case of Mr A Lynn v. Damira Dental Studios Ltd.

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Higher standards expected of NHS trusts before dismissal for capability

The recent case of Muller v London Ambulance Service NHS Trust has emphasised the need for NHS Trusts, as large, sophisticated employers with significant administrative resources, to take a more cautious approach and exhaust every other option before dismissing an employee by reason of capability. Mr Muller’s dismissal was found to be unfair and discriminatory, despite the fact that he had been absent from work for a year and had no predicted return-to-work date at the time he was dismissed.

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Don’t do Facebook

Facebook is not a good place to air workplace grievances as Mr Atherton discovered in his claim of unfair dismissal against his employer, Bensons Vending Limited. It appears staff morale was low after the company reduced its discretionary Christmas bonus due to financial constraints – the bonus becoming a gift of a bottle of alcohol.

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