Neil Overton

Neil has a broad experience, of almost 30 years, in defendant litigation solely on behalf of institutional clients.  He joined the regional legal advisers department of the former North Western Regional Health Authority in 1984. Neil’s employment transferred to Hempsons in 1995 when he joined the healthcare litigation department.

Since 1984 Neil has dealt with a diverse case load of personal injury litigation against the NHS and has experience of every type of personal injury claim arising in a hospital setting, including disease cases, asbestosis and mesothelioma claims.

Neil recently dealt with a fully contested mesothelioma claim in respect of which he was able to put forward a robust defence on behalf of a hospital trust. This is almost a unique situation and only proved possible because the trust had detailed documentation and records going back over 30 years, and recently retired employees with many years of former service were traced to assist with the defence of the claim.

Finally, over the past 14 years Neil has been dealing with a wide range of clinical negligence cases, including complex and high value claims.

Main areas of expertise

  • clinical negligence
  • personal injury
  • disease cases
  • occupiers liability

The clients he works with

  • NHS bodies (NHS Resolution; hospital trusts)

Professional memberships         

  • Institute of Legal Executives