Joining a partnership? Get trained!

The Government has announced here that it will pay for new partners joining GP practices to be trained in being a partner*.  Why not sign up to Hempsons’ New Partner training course?

After the course you will understand the commitment and responsibilities of being a partner and how the role differs from being an employee.

We will point out some of the main issues to consider when joining a partnership and how to avoid common risks and pitfalls.

Working with specialist accountants, the course will help you learn how to read and interpret partnership accounts, and how to spot signs of distress early to avert disaster.

In our course we will help you to understand how to contribute towards the partnership beyond the clinical work, to think strategically and provide support in a leadership role.

*Funding is time limited and is subject to conditions being fulfilled including that you have signed a partnership agreement.  Your first step will be to check the terms of the agreement and ensure that you understand them.  Call us if you need help.

Contact us for more information.