Hempsons’ plans for future growth

In a recent conversation with The Lawyer following the introduction of our junior equity partnership, managing partner Graham Lea had the opportunity to discuss Hempsons’ strategic plans for future growth and some of the other exciting developments taking place at the firm. Here are some of the highlights of the conversation:

Clear career progression opportunities: We recognise the importance of career development for our fee earners. At Hempsons, we’re committed to providing clear pathways for professional growth and we hope the introduction of our junior equity partnership will incentivise talented individuals and motivate the promising next generation of partners.

Office space optimisation: To streamline operations and allocate resources effectively, we’re transitioning to smaller office spaces in both Manchester and London. By doing so, we aim to reduce our physical footprint while maintaining a conducive work environment for our team.

Budget allocation for competitive salaries: The decision to downsize our office spaces allows us to allocate budget more efficiently, ensuring competitive salaries for all staff members. By optimising costs, we can attract and retain top talent.

Integration of AI: We’re embracing the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) by incorporating it into our client service models. As technology continues to evolve, we recognise the value of leveraging AI tools to improve efficiency and enhance our offerings to our largely publicly funded client base.

Exciting new hires: We’re delighted to share that we will soon be welcoming two new partners in our employment and charities and social enterprise teams. These appointments mark a significant milestone as we continue to grow and shape the future of our firm, and we look forward to introducing the new partners to you soon.

Read the full interview with The Lawyer here.

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