Clinical Director – How well do you understand your role?

If you are a Clinical Director, have you considered getting some training? Hempsons has developed a Clinical Directors Masterclass. 

We offer a half day online training session with Clinical Directors to assist them in understanding their roles and responsibilities and how they fit into the governance of the PCN.

The “CD Masterclass” will take you through decision making, obligations and liabilities, and the potential risks. Specifically, the course covers:

  1. An analysis of your experience so far.
  2. What is the role of the Clinical Director legally?
  3. What is the employment/tax status of a clinical director.
  4. The role of the clinical director, and how to share it.
  5. What issues arise out of the role?
  6. How much power does the Clinical Director have?
  7. To whom are you accountable, and how are you addressing the risks?
  8. Should there be a deputy Clinical Director?
  9. What skills and abilities do you need?
  10. What is your style of leadership, and how do you engage the members?
  11. How do you identify the team?
  12. How will the PCN engage with bodies beyond the PCN?

The content is flexible depending on particular requirements but all participants will need access to a PC. We can cater for up to 5 participants in each session.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss the training in more detail.