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Trust Matters

“Trust Matters”. These are the bywords of the Charity Commission for its recent report on public trust in charities, issued in July.

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Spotlight: SH:24

We spoke to Dr. Gillian Holdsworth, Managing Director of SH:24 about the background of the service, its aims, and what the future holds. Dr Holdsworth is a medically qualified public health consultant who works in population health.

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Choosing a brand

We all know the key role your brand plays in building awareness of your charity with its beneficiaries and in driving engagement with donors, but how do you maximise and protect its value?

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Social Enterprise: all aboard?

It was something I heard debated around the time the Social Value Act was being put together: an earlier draft of the legislation had included a definition of ‘social enterprise’ with the idea being that only social enterprises (with a capital ‘S’ and a capital ‘E’) could benefit. However, this was ultimately rejected in the parliamentary process leaving open the possibility that anyone who wanted to (even the private sector) could offer social value as part of a public sector procurement process and get the same credit for it as a CIC or a charity or someone else traditionally seen as part of the ‘not for profit’ sector.

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