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10 legal issues arising from COVID-19 for private practitioners

Every sector of the economy in the UK and abroad is facing unprecedented challenges arising out of the current Covid-19 pandemic; the private healthcare sector is no exception. We have considered some of the legal issues that you may be facing in the current climate and how you might be able to respond to them. 

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Updates to Furlough Guidance

In the last week the government has released two further versions of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme guidance. The scheme is due to go live on Monday 20 April. We know some practices have been considering furloughing staff, although it is not entirely clear whether they are eligible.   

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Furlough Guidance Updated

Late on Thursday 9 April 2020, the government released the third version of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme guidance. Here are Martin Cheyne's first impressions of the update.

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