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Newsflash: Supreme Court ruling in the Mencap v Tomlinson-Blake case

The Supreme Court has this morning ruled in Mencap v Tomlinson-Blake that calculation of national minimum wage (NMW) for sleep-in care workers only needs to include time when they are awake for the purpose of working. Where the employer provides suitable facilities for sleeping, time spent sleeping is not included in the calculation.

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Updates to Furlough Guidance

In the last week the government has released two further versions of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme guidance. The scheme is due to go live on Monday 20 April. We know some practices have been considering furloughing staff, although it is not entirely clear whether they are eligible.   

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Furlough Guidance Updated

The guidance for employers on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme was updated on 4 April 2020. The scheme allows employers to furlough staff and claim back part of their wages. The new guidance adds detail and some clarifications to the original HMRC guidance published on 26 March, but many questions remain.

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What contract to use when taking on staff

Are you considering taking on staff, but unsure about the basis on which to engage them? Should you opt for a free-lancer, or offer an employment contract? This article addresses the most common questions about employment status, with particular focus on the risks and benefits of self-employment.

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Keep a close eye on your ‘shares’

The purpose of primary care networks is to bring practices together to work in an integrated way to deliver Directed Enhanced Services (DES). The payments for DES include staffing costs for employees who will work across the network to fulfil the contract.

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