The Hospice and Care Benchmarking Survey Report

Welcome to our latest version of the haysmacintyre and Hempsons Care Charity Benchmarking Report

The Hospice and Care Benchmarking Survey Report is the third study compiled by Haysmacintyre LLP (haysmacintyre) and Hempsons with the aim of sharing best practice in the sector and enabling management and trustees to assess their own structure, governance and monitoring procedures against other comparable charities.

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The survey was constructed to offer a broad range of benchmarks and our thanks go to all those that participated in the study for their insights in producing this report which we all hope you find useful and informative.

We expanded the survey this time around to capture additional information on gender mix of boards, application of the governance code and additional employment questions.

There are areas of the survey that show that the sector continues to adopt best practice and common principles. Governance structures remain consistent with the use of subsidiaries for trading or retail operations. There is a commonality in the risks identified within the wider sector and unsurprisingly income generation remains the highest risk on all respondents’ agendas.

Since the survey was launched this year, the world has changed. COVID-19 and the implications for all charities has seen business continuity plans put into action and a very different operating environment. The care sector in particular has seen very different challenges but continues to operate and provide care in very difficult circumstances. Many charities in this survey rely heavily on fundraising income to support their charitable activities and the coming months will be a real test of the resilience of the sector and the loyalty of those who are able to continue to support charities. Furthermore, most charities in this sector have retail operations providing substantial income to the charity; these have remained closed during lockdown period and the effect on the income will be felt in 2020/21 year end.

We hope that you all remain safe and well throughout these difficult times.

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