NHS Resolution Early Notification Scheme team publish second report

The Early Notification Scheme team from NHS Resolution have published their second report. The report identifies a reduction in the time taken to admit liability in cases that fall within the EN criteria compared to ‘traditional’ birth injury cerebral palsy claims.  It highlights the work of the Maternity Voices Advisory Group that is enabling the ENS to build greater links with families and reviews progress made on the recommendations from the first report.  The report goes on to discuss how the scheme has developed over the past five years with the criteria for inclusion refined with an ‘outcome first’ approach and the sequential reporting by Trusts first to HSIB and then NHS Resolution.  After reviewing themes from cases in year two of the scheme, the report makes three new recommendations for NHS Resolution to:

  1. work with stakeholders to improve antenatal counselling before trial of VBAC;
  2. support the work of stakeholders to improvement awareness when responding to harm
  3. support a joined up approach between trust legal services and maternity and risk teams

We commend the aims and achievements of the ENS team at NHS Resolution and look forward to continuing our work with NHS Resolution and trusts to further the aims of the scheme.