Jersey States assembly scrutiny hearing on changing its personal injury law, including an increase to the discount rate

Bertie Leigh, Nadya Wolferstan and Elizabeth Thomas of Hempsons Solicitors have been invited to appear at a Scrutiny Committee Hearing in Jersey, Channel Isles on Monday 12 November 2018.

The hearing will be live streamed today at 16:00. Click HERE to watch the hearing from States of Jersey States Assembly.

The States Assembly within Jersey is considering a change to its personal injury damages law including an increase to the discount rate which applies to personal injury awards.  Jersey has recently had well publicised personal injury claims on behalf of two claimants where the initial request for the claimants’ award was in excess of £230 million. Jersey’s draft legislation includes provision for a split discount rate of 0.5% and 1.8% and the introduction of Periodic Payment Orders.

Hempsons act for the Jersey Primary Care Board and will argue that a higher discount rate is required to sustain healthcare provision in the island.

Mr Leigh, Ms Wolferstan and Ms Thomas’s appearance will be live streamed at 16:00 Monday, 12 November.  Click HERE to view the hearing live.