Hempsons Successfully Defends A&E Associate Specialist

Hempsons’ Regulatory & Crime Team has successfully defended an Associate Specialist in Emergency Medicine, following a two-week Medical Practitioners Tribunal hearing.

The doctor was investigated by the General Medical Council in relation to 6 clinical incidents which occurred between 2016 and 2017, with the overarching concern being that he had deviated from Trust and national guidelines on different occasions.

The doctor had always maintained that, whilst guidelines had on occasion not been followed, it was on the basis of genuine clinical judgement at the time.  At the conclusion of the hearing, for which we instructed Rebecca Harris of QEB Hollis Whiteman Chambers, several allegations were either withdrawn or found not proved, and the Tribunal concluded that none of the remaining matters were serious enough to amount to misconduct.

The Tribunal found the doctor to be a “highly credible and professional witness” who had the best interests of his patients at heart, and that he did not pose a risk to the public.

The case was accordingly closed with no action taken, and the doctor is free to continue in unrestricted practice.