Five years of cerebral palsy claims – NHS Resolution report

Today sees the publication of NHS Resolution’s report reviewing the causes of these tragic, but thankfully rare, incidents. The author, NHSR’s Darzi Fellow Dr Michael Magro, has made the following recommendations:

  1. The need for family involvement in the investigation process.
  2. Improvement in the quality of investigation reports.
  3. External or peer review of all cases of potential severe brain injury, stillbirth and early neonatal death
  4. Improved support for staff
  5. Locally led multi disciplinary training including simulation for breech births with top level support
  6. Training in electronic fetal monitoring should not occur in isolation
  7. Effectiveness of training should be linked to clinical outcomes

NHSR and their partners are working together to reduce these events and the lifelong impact on children, families and those caring for them.

Read the report in full here.

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