Dentist’s Fitness to Practise Found Not Impaired

Stephen Hooper, who instructed Betsan Criddle of Old Square Chambers, defended a dentist facing multiple allegations of misconduct and/or deficient professional performance, before a Professional Conduct Committee of the GDC. The case considered treatment provided by the dentist to 10 patients in late 2013/early 2014, and the allegations related to issues such as inappropriate prescriptions of antibiotics; substandard endodontic treatment; and inadequate treatment planning and record-keeping,

The GDC’s investigation took over 3 years to conclude, but with the dentist having engaged in significant remediation and having practised without incident or complaint since January 2014, we achieved a favourable outcome. Although the Committee decided that the dentist’s previous actions amounted to misconduct, her fitness to practise was not found to be currently impaired and the case concluded with her being permitted to continue in unrestricted practice.