Brightening Minds

Brightening Minds partners with Hempsons to support the adult social sector to improve CQC ratings

Do you want to achieve great results in your next CQC inspection?

Feel in control of your next CQC inspection with tips, suggestions and support from experienced practicebased workshop facilitators and other working colleagues in the adult care sector.

Attend our ‘Preparing for your CQC inspection’ workshop and work together with other providers in the sector to share good ideas, problem solve ongoing challenges and avoid pitfalls to improve your service and service ratings. Benefit from the knowledge and practice based experience of a broad range of practitioners through the participation in a workshop with a 100% recommendation rate fromhundreds of providers. Achieve continuous improvement through discussions, advice, guidance and consultation on issues that are current and challenging to you and your sector colleagues. Develop your professional networks to support you in your role and help you meet your full range of regulatory responsibilities.

Facilitators have experience of supporting organisations achieve Outstanding and can help with practical solutions to getting the basics right too.

In the adult care sector we are often told what we have to do to be compliant and meet our regulatory responsibilities. What we found is often missing, is help and support for the sector to best describe to CQC inspectors what we do well in our services and how we are committed to continuous improvement. Brightening Minds brought practitioners working in adult health and social care services together to deliver workshops to help each other with advice, guidance and practical support on how to:

  • prepare for your inspection by learning and practising a method that involves a whole team approach
  • celebrate your services successes and have positive conversations about your operational challenges
  • learn how to describe the beneficial impact of what you do has on the people you support and the positive difference you make to peoples’ everyday lives
  • increase your organisational confidence through having teams that feel well prepared for inspections
  • improve your CQC rating through evidence based conversations with your inspectors
  • have confident conversations about what works to help you provide a great service
  • share good practice across the sector that really makes a positive difference.

Update your organisation on the latest changes to the CQC’s Key Lines of Enquiry.

Workshops help you keep up to date with ongoing changes related to service delivery in the sector. Learn about new themes you must be prepared for to help you be ready for a confident conversation about your practice and the continuing developments within your service. Hear from your colleagues about current inspection themes in your local area and share ideas on how
different services are meeting these challenges.

Improve your confidence at your next CQC inspection by effectively preparing you and your team to showcase your service. Achieve continuous improvement for your service through the sharing of good practice from your operational colleagues. Achieve an inspection rating that you feel is reflective of the service you provide.

Talk to Hempsons and Brightening Minds about available workshops in your region.

The newsbrief is available in full here.

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