Electronic patient records

The digitisation of patient records to electronic patient records (EPRs) from traditional paper-based systems demonstrates the digital transformation well underway throughout the NHS. The ability of NHS organisations, in particular NHS trusts and foundation trusts, to innovate in more cost effective and straightforward ways is in part due to the… Read More

Primary Care Networks

Legal support for Primary Care Networks We have extensive experience of working with GP practices and primary care networks (PCNs) to assist in the development of organisational models, internal governance arrangements, employment arrangements, the role of clinical director and arrangements with other providers. PCN structures and delivery models We… Read More

Sustainable / Renewable Energy

The Climate Change Act 2008 sets in place a legally binding framework allowing the government to introduce measures which will achieve carbon reduction and mitigate and adapt to climate change. As the largest public sector emitter of carbon emissions, the NHS is responsible for over a third of all public… Read More

State Aid

Public funding, investment, grants or other support may amount to state aid. The state aid rules restrict “the state” from using state resources to provide an advantage to certain undertakings which may distort competition. The legal status of the recipient of the aid is not a determining factor but rather… Read More

Integrated Care Resource Centre

Latest news STPs and Integrated Care Roundup  – w/c 16 April 2018 STPs and Accountable Care roundup – w/c 22 January 2018 STPs and Accountable Care roundup – w/c 27 November 2017 STPs and Accountable Care roundup – w/c 16 October 2017 STPs and Accountable Care roundup… Read More

Healthcare startups

Expert legal support for new healthcare start-ups If you are starting a healthcare business in the UK, or have already started one, there’s plenty for you to think about. Our experienced team of solicitors regularly advise new healthcare businesses and can help and advise you no matter what stage your… Read More