GMC proceedings

Highly experienced across all GMC issues

In order to practise medicine in the UK all doctors must register with the General Medical Council. With the power to grant registration comes the power to take it away. We are very experienced in all aspects of GMC matters, having assisted many hundreds of doctors with an array of GMC registration-based problems.

Key services and issues

  • Fitness to practise hearings the GMC receive many types of allegations which suggest that a doctor might not be fit to practise.  These are all investigated by the appropriate committees and if necessary a public inquiry is held.  There are three essential grounds to make a finding of impaired fitness to practise which are misconduct, deficient professional performance and health problems. The stakes are high with suspension, conditional registration or erasure from the medical register being possible outcomes.
  • First registration This can often cause a difficulty for doctors who qualified overseas and for those who may have encountered “problems” in their student lives.
  • GMC registers The GMC maintains specialist registers and sometimes practitioners experience problems in gaining entry to those lists and we are happy to step in and help.  This includes applications, reviews and appeals to PMETB.
  • Revalidation All doctors must keep their knowledge and skills up to date throughout their working life.  A failure to do so may lead to the GMC threatening to withdraw their licence to practise. We can help appeal such decisions – please see more information here.

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