Miriam Farley

What Miriam can do for you

Miriam is a partner in the Health Care Law team. Her area of practice is brain injury claims. Law is her second career. She trained as a Registered General nurse (RGN) and then as a Registered Sick Childrens nurse (RSCN). Her areas of practice were in paediatric neurosurgery, paediatric cranio-facial surgery and paediatric cardiothoracic surgery. At the end of her career she worked in paediatric cardiothoracic PICU. Miriam changed her career in 1991, qualifying as a solicitor in1997. Since then she has gained experience of all types of clinical negligence claims.

Miriam finds that her nursing background is invaluable when getting to grips with complex medical issues and it also helps her to put witnesses at their ease because she understands the challenges of being on the front line of acute care.

Miriam has successfully defended cases in the Royal Court of Justice. More notable decisions are Mugweni v NHS London which she also successfully defended in the Court of Appeal. More recently she successfully defended the case of Bhaktari v Barts and the London NHS Trust. Miriam is Chair of the CSR Committee and sits on the High Court Users Group which meets with the Masters of the High Court in London to discuss procedural matters.

Main areas of expertise

  • Brain injury claims
  • Obstetric claims

The clients she works with

  • Acute care NHS trusts