Charles Mallinson

What Charles can do for you

Charles graduated from Oxford University in 2010 with a degree in modern languages, specialising in French and German. He then went on to complete the GDL and LPC at the University of Central Lancashire before entering into practice. Charles completed his training contract in Preston and moved to Hempsons in 2015 where he joined the busy real estate department in the Manchester office.

Range of clients he works with

  • NHS provider trusts and third-sector healthcare charities
  • Large private limited companies

Recent relevant experience includes:

  • Due diligence – completing due diligence of a wide range of companies from SME through to multi-national PLCs to analyse their financial stability and responsibility. Evaluating the depth of search and enquiry required in each case; and instructing the relevant parties as required
  • Reviewing – records, accounts, and enquiries to highlight potential problem areas, and formulating the required solution-progression plan
  • Income maximisation – advising NHS trusts on strategy to maximise estate incomes on existing sites, such as through the installation of telecommunications masts
  • Construction – acting for a foundation trust in the construction of a new multi-purpose, multi-occupancy health centre
  • Estate strategies – investigating estate positions in foundation trusts acting as landlord with a large property portfolio where offices and clinical spaces may have changed occupancy; and developing strategies for progression
  • Disposals – securing maximum efficiencies in the disposal of NHS property; through rationalisation and overage provisions.

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Government “Naylors” its Estate colours to the mast

In the official response to the Naylor Review, the government has finally acknowledged that world-class healthcare requires world-class property. The government has confirmed that it will: - Establish the NHS Property Board to ensure optimum use of the estate - Deliver strategic estates planning service to support STPs - Invest in training and development creating new career paths - Assist with the provision of additional specialist support - Improve collection and use of data - Encourage take-up across the NHS of accredited training

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