The life and death implications of a coroner’s call to the pharmacy

How pharmacists should handle a coroner’s request for information about a death, revealed by Hempsons’ experts Thorrun Govind and James Down.

In our frontline community pharmacy roles, we are very much removed from the court process. However, as Xrayser recently discussed, a call from a coroner’s officer really brings home the pharmacist’s role in the safe and effective supply of medicines.

As pharmacists, our work can have life and death implications. The prospect of engaging with court proceedings is very daunting, no matter how long you have been qualified. Hempsons has supported numerous clinicians through the coronial process.

Coroners are independent judicial officers who employ other officers to assist them. Coroners are appointed by the local authority to establish who the deceased was, as well as how, when and where they died when the cause is unknown or where there is reason to suspect the death may not have been due to natural causes…

This article was first published in Chemist & Druggist on 10 August 2020. CLICK HERE to read the full article.