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Welcome to the Spring/Summer issue of Hempsons’ Practitioners Newsbrief.

Our latest publication features articles ranging from the Five Year Forward View – next steps for primary care, GP Practice Mergers, to Lease overheads in GP Practices and reducing service charge liabilities.


The pace of life continues to quicken in the primary care world – although whether this will ease off with the announcement of the snap election – and the aftermath – it is too early to tell.

But in the meantime, it’s been very much a case of “all change” – both within practices themselves and within the environment in which they operate.

On the one hand, we see headlines about the numbers of practices closing through retirements, whilst on the other hand, we are aware this is at least in part as a result of the remaining practices becoming larger, often through multiple layers of merger. And the mergers are no longer confined to the locality – with “brands” beginning to emerge cross-country.

At the same time, GPs are beginning to take the lead in the wider primary care arena, sitting on Boards of CCGs which have been co-commissioning, and taking an active interest in STPs – in addition to the Federations (or GP Provider Organisations) which have been around for several years.

The next stage will be to work through the strategy for their involvement in the development of Accountable Care Organisations and to put in place new care models to integrate services. And if GPs don’t move fast, they risk trailing behind the Trusts which are already getting their acts together. It won’t just be about GPs scaling up by collaboration, merger or creating new organisations; they will need to meet the scrutiny of commissioners through robust governance systems.

And of course, at the back of everyone’s mind is the impact of Brexit and the possible impact upon staff resources.

But perhaps most significantly of all, there’s been a subtle – and encouraging – change in the mood music recently – and it must be both refreshing and reassuring to GPs to note they are no longer being painted as the cause of the problem within the NHS, but are increasingly being viewed as the solution!

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Articles from the newsbrief: Five Year Forward View – next steps for primary care, GP Practice Mergers, Updated GMC Guidance on Confidentiality 2017 – what you need to know, Lease repairs for surgery premises – tackling and managing the risks, Retirement of a GP – checklist, Lease overheads in GP Practices – reducing service charge liabilities, Lies and ignorance – dangerous bedfellows.

Click here to read the Spring/Summer edition of Hempsons’ Practitioners Newsbrief in full.

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