NHS Property – maximising your assets

Converting inflexible NHS property assets into opportunities

The release of the King’s Fund Report: “NHS Buildings: obstacle or opportunity?” is timely in view of the challenges to the NHS presented by the changes needed in the delivery of patient care and financial savings.

Much of its content makes for familiar reading in terms of the issues: inflexible assets resulting in less than efficient utilisation.

These are issues that the health sector has been grappling with for a number of years for all the reasons set out in the report, and we have been working with NHS bodies to identify the ‘opportunities’ for joint working with both public and private sector organisations. (One of the key recommendations in the report).

In recent years we have been at the forefront of developing joint ventures and alliances with organisations that understand property management. In particular, joint ventures for estates development and management.

We advised Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust in setting up the first such arrangement, and we are currently working with several other NHS FTs and private sector partners in developing further schemes.

These arrangements started with a focus on securing capital funding for new facilities. However, we have seen a trend towards FTs wanting to use joint venture vehicles for more strategic management advice and delivery of operational savings (e.g. through space utilisation) with the JV entity being ‘incentivised’ by sharing in any savings achieved.

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