Newsflash: Hempsons and NHS Providers launch joint publication: ‘Governing for transformation: STPs and governance’

Hempsons and NHS Providers launched their joint report on Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) and governance today at the NHS Provider annual conference in Birmingham.

The effective creation and delivery of local system sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) is now a key task for any healthcare leader. There is a clear consensus that creating effective governance for the STP process is vital, but this is not something that has collectively been done well enough up to now, and it is recognised as a potentially complex issue.

The report sets the context for STPs, identifies the challenges for organisations, examines the role of the board, and addresses the constraints of current legislation.

As STPs move from planning to implementation, this report provides practical guidance on governance for those concerned with the leadership and direction of STPs, and makes clear that the nature, scale and pace of local transformation must be determined by local realities.

It also recognises that the STP process represents an opportunity to make the necessary changes to the way care is delivered to better meet changing patient need and growing demand.

As well as practical guidance on governance for those leading and directing STPs, Hempsons have also included a template memorandum of understanding which STP partners may wish to adapt for use in their local area.

Those attending the NHS Providers annual conference and exhibition can explore the issues raised in the report in more detail in the Governing for transformation: STPs and governance strand session, taking place on at 2.15pm on 29 November.

For a copy of the publication, please click here.